EasyPlan covers the whole of Southern Africa, up to approximately five degrees south of the equator.

Flight Log

EasyPlan makes it easy to produce a comprehensive and accurate Flight Log to keep on your knee-board while flying


A large number of items can be enabled, or disabled. All the parameters that you require for your Flight Log, such as latitude, longitude, bearings, headings, expected arrival times, and fuel are available. The printout includes columns for you to fill in your revised ETA and ATA during the flight.



Map View

The entire route can be planned and entered from the Map View. The following Aeronautical items can be displayed. FIR, CTR, ATZ, TMA, FAR, FAP, FAD, Special Rule areas, Airfields, VOR, NDB, and Reporting points. CTA's and UTA's will soon be added.

To assist in flight planning rivers, roads, populated areas, political boundaries and ground elevation can also be displayed.


Profile or route:

Flight Plan

A Flight Plan is produced in the South African or Namibian format. This can be faxed directly to briefing.

Aircraft Defaults and Weight & Balance

Weight & balance calculations can easily be done. The calculated weight balance is shown on a graph against the Envelope Limit.

Some aircraft default values can be entered and these are automatically used when creating a Flight Log and Flight Plan.

GPS Intertface

EasyPlan connects to a Garmin GPS:


  1. Download a route to the GPS.
  2. Upload track flown.
  3. Display live update showing position and speed.


 User Options

Preferred units and options can be selected. 


A Turn Rate, Density Altitude and Sunrise & Sunset calculator is available.


PC Requirements

The following PC specifications are recommended as a minimum: