EasyPlan Downloading Instructions

Open www.easyplan.co.za

Click on "Downloading"

Click on "Download Program and Aviation Update"

Press "OK"

Save in the following folder: "c:\Program Files\EasyPlan\EasyPlan3"

Click on "Open" when download is complete.

Select "Next"

The Install Program checks the following:

Select "Get New Key" or "Register On-line" to get a new key, which will be emailed to you.

Enter the new key and press "Register". This step is only required if your update period has expired and you have a new program key.

Finally select "Install" to complete the update.


EasyPlan will automatically run when the install process is complete. Check that the new Version Number and Aviation Data are displayed on startup.

If you do not see the latest EasyPlan version on the Download page click "Refresh" on your browser.

Obtaining a Program Key

A Program Key is required to run EasyPlan version 3.


Obtaining a Key


Click on "Register On-line" or "Get New Key"

This will take you to a website enabling you to get the Program Key.

The Program Key will be emailed to your registered address.




Contact:      Andrea Antel

Tel:             011 465 2669

email:         info@aviationdirect.co.za


See other  details.



The registration key is unique for each installation of EasyPlan.


Please include the following information when requesting a registration key:


Q Name

Q EasyPlan Program ID. (In the inside of the CD cover)

Q EasyPlan Device ID

Q Address

Q Email

Q Telephone Number

Q Date of purchase

Q Place of purchase




Enter the following data exactly as on the registration certificate

Q   EasyPlan Program ID

Q   Program Key