EasyPlan Change History

EasyPlan Version 3.066

  • Map works correctly on dual monitor
  • Updated the logbook to calculate the IF, Instructor, and FSTD in the summary
  • Updated the renewal forms
  • The renewal forms now have option for Initial application
  • Update Aviation data

EasyPlan Version 3.057

  • Increased number of points allowed in Flight Log
  • Update Aviation data

EasyPlan Version 3.056_05

  • Fixed logbook clearing of cross-country time
  • Can read tracks from AvMap GPS
  • Update Aviation data
  • Display pilot details on Logbook summary

EasyPlan Version 3.055_04

  • Logbook Update to allow selection of displayed columns
  • Logbook can be printed over a single page
  • Alternating colour columns to assist in editing
  • Support for downloading to AvMap GPS

EasyPlan Version 3.054_03

  • Updated aviation info
  • Fix for GPS 296

EasyPlan Version 3.053_14

  • Updated aviation info
  • New CAA logbook format
  • Can export entire route and view in Google Maps
  • A fix to communicate with Garmin 96 and  496 GPSs
  • FAPE fixed
  • Update of layout for smaller screens
  • Will work when user not logged in with admin rights in XP and Vista
  • Can import and export logbook in text format
  • Decrease in minimum distance for waypoints to 1.5nm

EasyPlan Version 3.052

  • Updated aviation info

EasyPlan Version 3.051

  • Updated aviation info

EasyPlan Version 3.050

  • Updated aviation info

EasyPlan Version 3.049

  • Updated aviation info
  • Another fix for the weather using Vista

EasyPlan Version 3.048

  • Updated aviation info
  • Use of folder “My Documents” for saving user data for better Vista compatibility
  • Link to Google Earth and Google Maps.

EasyPlan Version 3.047_6

  • Updated aviation info – including airways and more info on Malawi
  • New key using device ID
  • On-line registration enabled
  • Lower Airways

EasyPlan Version 3.046_ 5

  • Updated aviation info
  • Fix for accessing the weather

EasyPlan Version 3.045_1

  • Updated aviation info
  • Display heading, height and frequency on track
  • Have link on Start Page to website
  • Can select display colours when printing map
  • Fixed insert problem on logbook where display not updated
  • Fixed help file

EasyPlan Version 3.044

  • Updated aviation info – FAGG/FAPP
  • Creates Desktop shortcut
  • Info on forecast symbols

EasyPlan Version 3.043

  • Updated aviation info
  • New licence application form – April 2006

EasyPlan Version 3.042

  • Updated aviation info
  • Allow ‘+’ in field 18 of Flight Plan

EasyPlan Version 3.041

  • Updated aviation info
  • Live Weather Display
  • Updated CAA Licence form
  • Can import user points

EasyPlan Version 3.040

  • Updated aviation info
  • Some minor program enhancements

EasyPlan Version 3.039

  • Updated aviation info

EasyPlan Version 3.038_2

  • Updated aviation info
  • Fixed fuel density calculation
  • Flying during the last 30 days correctly calculated
  • Printing of airfield and border notes fixed.

EasyPlan Version 3.037

  • Updated aviation info

EasyPlan Version 3.036

  • Updated aviation info

EasyPlan Version 3.035_2

  • More reporting point updates
  • Microlight airfield frequencies checked and corrected
  • Positioning of airspace labels improved
  • Modified /EET in flight plan
  • Fixed position of PBV and PB
  • Fixed freq for FAD 157
  • Some improvements in downloading routes to GPS

EasyPlan Version 3.034_1

  • New reporting points, Namibian airspaces and updates for 14th April 2005
  • Navigation log targeted for micro-lights and gyrocopters
  • Started implementing en-route fuel stops
  • Updated reporting points
  • Print-preview for new navigational log
  • Fixed bug when selecting SIRs that switched off other air spaces
  • Fixed bug that prevented inserting climb and descent waypoints (In 3.034)

EasyPlan Version 3.033

  • New sector boundaries
  • Can click on map to create new user point
  • In Flight Plan use ZZZZ for departure / destination airfield that does not have four letter designator
  • Updated Flight Plan to display co-ordinates of non standard points
  • Checks Flight Plan for accuracy
  • Pull down menus for easier Log Book entry
  • Log book filter facility
  • New item in Flight Log Notes to automatically find all NDBs and VORs with 20 miles of track, and find all airspaces transversed
  • Should work with GPS Map 296 with latest software from Garmin (V 3.10)
  • Additional option for printing Flight Log
  • New Flight Log can be printed in landscape (small for knee board) or portrait (large) mode
  • Fixed bug where some boundary crossings were not detected
  • Can use radial and distance from VOR in Flight Plan and Flight Log

EasyPlan Version 3.032

  • Latest Aviation Info – 27 November 2004

EasyPlan Version 3.031

  • Latest Aviation Info
  • Updated Aviation data
  • New format of Navigation Log printout
  • Can communicate with Garmin 296 and 96 using USB connection
  • Improved map printing
  • Can filter airfields on Fuel Available
  • Better filter on rivers – can view those with names only
  • Can export Log Book
  • Helipads
  • More data in hint
  • Obstacles
  • Updated licence application form

EasyPlan Version 3.030

  • Ready to use Hi-Definition ground elevation data
  • Can use mouse wheel for all scrolling, and on map, for panning and zooming
  • Can select map colours
  • Calculation of climb and descent waypoints improved
  • Logbook summary dates inclusive
  • Fixed problem in editing and deleting user waypoints
  • Logbook backup improved to backup all logbooks and systems in a single file
  • Fixed problems with panning systems
  • Can print map to file “PrintFile.bmp” in the default folder
  • Testing extra columns in Logbook for single engine co-pilot
  • Can sort Logbook by date
  • Can select 3D elevation depth of field

EasyPlan Version 3.029

  • Latest Aviation Info
  • Improved Log Book summary
  • Microlight Airfields

EasyPlan Version 3.028

  • Latest Airfield info.
  • Extra column in Logbook to indicate flight was in a simulator.
  • Extra column in Logbook to select A,B,C according to regulation 2.38
  • Separate Nav and Com freq column in Flight log
  • Logbook display can be magnified.

EasyPlan Version 3.027

·    Latest Airfield info.

·    Fixed installation bug that occurs on some computers.

EasyPlan Version 3.026

·    Latest Airfield info.

·    Fixed error in Version 3.025 where the Systems were not displayed in the Pilot Log Book.

EasyPlan Version 3.025

·    Latest aviation data.

·    Improved Frequency Display when using way-points on flight boundaries. EasyPlan looks at the airspace being entered, taking the flight altitude into account when displaying the frequency.

·    Pull-down menus in Flight Plan.

·    Improved the importing and display of tracks recorded on the iPaq.

·    Can open and view a number of tracks simultaneously.

·    Can edit track name.

·    Updated Road, river, dam and town information for South Africa, including the displaying of names. (Requires program on CD)

·    Ground elevation detail up to latitude 5 degrees south. (Requires program on CD)

EasyPlan Version 3.024

·    Addressed printing problems.

·    Airfield / Reporting point filtering.

·    Updated renewal form.

·    Allow country name at top of Flight Plan.

·    Can choose Log Book printout with no Afrikaans.

·    Extra rows in Log Book.

·    Easier managing of column order and selection for Flight Log.

·    Selectable size for symbols.

·    Non file chars removed from file names.

·    Can select "In Flight Plan" / "In EET" for all points.

·    Selectable line thickness for flight borders.

·    Tools linked to current date.

·    Editable user field added to Flight Log.

·    Fixed overlay of route labels onto point labels.

EasyPlan Version 3.023

  • Support for interfacing to the iPaq Pocket Computer
  • The latest information from the CAA.

EasyPlan Version 3.022

  • The latest information from the CAA.

EasyPlan Version 3.021

  • Some info on Angola and Malawi
  • Fixed a gremlin in 3.020 which resulted in all airfields being marked as Registered.

EasyPlan Version 3.020

  • Runways for about 50 of the major airports shown on map
  • Aviation Data for March 2003-03-31.

EasyPlan Version 3.019

  • Works with Garmin 196.
  • Runway direction shown on map.
  • Aviation Data for January 2003-02-03.
  • Auto Update facility available.

EasyPlan Version 3.016

  • Some enhancement to accommodate larger data size required for Octobers Aviation data.

EasyPlan Version 3.015

  • Displays published airfield altitude in Flight Log.
  • Changes to display additional airfield information.

EasyPlan Version 3.014

  • Works with Garmin 295.
  • Can print Flight Log in landscape mode across entire A4 page.

EasyPlan Version 3.013

  • Can now enter an altitude of VFR - which equates to 1500 AGL. The actual height drawn on the Vertical Navigation will be a line joining the point 1500 FT above the first point and 1500 FT above the second point of the VFR leg.
  • Button available to enable Climb and Descent way-points.
  • Button available to enable Alternate Destination.
  • Changing the departure time in the Flight Plan will change the departure time in the Flight Log if "Automatically Update Flight Plan" is enabled.
  • Updated fuel calculations.
  • Backup facility for the Log Book.
  • Summary of aircraft systems.
  • Airfield details can be transferred to notes.
  • Can select a narrow font for printing and displaying the Log Book. - For those with lots of hours.
  • Moving the mouse over the column totals in the Log Book Details, and over the summary values in the Log Book Summary, displays the complete value in a hint box.
  • Printing of the clearances in the Flight Log changed - should work on all printers.
  • Can use more than one Log Book - for those keeping separate Log Books for rotary and fixed wing.